Tree Essential oils for Balance, Muscles and more

I love to use Cypress, Black Spruce, Frankincense, Sandalwood and other tree oils to ground and balance me when I am feeling overwhelmed, but I also love to use them for pain and muscle spasm. The woody aroma of these oils is very grounding when we are overwhelmed and caught in my head as I like to call it. The chemistry of these oils show they also have anti-spasmodic properties and may reduce pain. I find using these oils offer me a two for one benefit not only when I am stressed and feeling unsettled but when I have...

Neroli Essential Oil Makes Me Happy Blend

Hey I have to share this new blend I made. It has been a couple of weeks since I got to just play with my essential oils and create just for fun. I have been busy working a lot in my massage practice but also on the computer working on websites and such, you know how it goes and my body was starting to scream out. I was feeling stressed and my body was less than happy. It was time to try something and this blend came to me. I love the aroma and can't wait for you to try...

How much oil do I use?

I get asked often how much oil do I use, can I use it neat, what is a good carrier? These are all such good questions and a lot of times I am thinking about them too. How much essential oil depends on what you are using it for and what your health goals are. As a standard I like to use the dilution ratios here:

1 or 2 oz of carrier oil or lotion, cream, aloe gel to your number of drops of essential oil
1% Dilution
1 oz (30 ml) — 5 to 6 drops
2 oz (60 ml) — 10 to...