Essential Oils for Muscles

We offer pure essential oil blends created for the active and not so active alike. Pain and injuries happen, whether you are a Weekend Warrior that  does too much on your time off or maybe a desk jockey that has tension and tightness galore we have created essential oil blends that have therapeutic components designed to get you back in the game.
We are committed to using only pure and organic ingredients. We use Organic Jojoba as the carrier in our essential oil blends. It is one of our favorite carriers because it is nourishing to the skin, is actually very similar to the sebum in our skin, doesn't change the aroma of the blend or stain clothing.

​Our butters and lotions use pure, unrefined shea or cocoa butter and our essential oils are ethically sourced, wild-crafted/or organic pure oils that have been tested for quality and component so our blending can offer you top performance. We personally try to use the highest quality ingredients and products we can and want to pass on that same level of quality to you.