About Us


How it all began...

What began in a cozy massage room when I launched Essence of Health in 2004 has grown beyond my wildest dreams. I began my journey with Aromatherapy and Essential Oils in 2006 in a continuing education class for massage therapists, it was focusing on using oils in their practice for clients like mine. I predominately see clients in my practice that have injuries, chronic pain and those dealing with cancer so my focus was very clinical minded.

I had learned in massage school that Lavender Oil was great for stress and helped with relaxation but that was about it! When this class came up and they were talking about using oils for headaches, muscle pain, and inflammation I was intrigued. I went to that class and my eyes opened, I experienced some of the wonderful benefits of using oils and have never regretted it.

Being a lifelong learner, I have studied, read and enjoyed many courses over the years and that brought me to completing my Aromatherapy Certification to help bring my education and understanding of essential oils and aromatherapy to a new level. I studied the chemistry of the oils, profiles and learned many therapeutic benefits to using these powerful tools to facilitate and assist us with our health needs. 

When someone is suffering from pain or dealing with depression and anxiety it can take its toll on their day to day lives. Using aromatherapy and herbs can offer support to help you feel your best, bring balance and harmony in an ever changing, fast-paced world. Over the years I have fallen in love with the beauty and power of the aromatherapy world, working to find what brings joy or reduces pain for my clients is what led me to creating blends for clients, creating videos and ebooks to help them learn to use oils for themselves. 

Have questions or are new to oils?

I love working one on one with clients via consult. If you would like to work with me in designing your own custom blends or using oils for your specific needs visit the consultation page for more info. Reach out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or contact us and we will get back to you asap. I am here to help you whether you’re brand new to oils or have been using them for years the learning never stops! I truly believe with aromatherapy the possibilities are endless!

Happy Oiling!