About Us



Hi! I’m Piper the founder and creator behind Essence of Health Oils. I have been working with and creating aromatherapy goodies for years. I began my love affair with aromatherapy back in 2005 as a massage therapist at a continuing education course. Since that class I have continued my education, became a Certified Aromatherapist and have created many essential oil blends, herbal blends and products to soothe my clients muscles and their moods.

Taking these products from our massage practice, Essence of Health and launching them online so that many others can enjoy them has been so exciting. 

We wanted an amazing lip balm that wasn’t greasy or waxy, self proclaimed lip balm junkie over here, and we created one! We wanted a skin soothing blend after a day at the beach and we created one. Same with our massage blends. We wanted a real options for our clients to feel relaxed and in less discomfort. Our whole mission is to share with you the fun and beautiful gift that these amazing creations can be!


"With aromatherapy, I find it's that feeling, like a hug from a loved one, being supported by your best friend. It's love; love in a bottle. Every blend, every essential oil has a story, has a gift it brings whether that's emotional, aromatic, cleansing, beautifying or healing. " - Piper Cabebe, Founder & Creator


Why our blends and What we do!

We create all our balms and products in small batches using ethically sourced ingredients to offer you top performance without the added junk. We avoid using many of the synthetic preservatives and ingredients like parabens, that so many of us are now trying to avoid because we believe as close to nature is best. 

Using unrefined butters, carriers, pure essential oils and organic herbs allow us to give the best, most beneficial product to you. That does mean that our products should be used in 12-24 months after being opened and should be stored in their containers in cool conditions or on a fridge if wanting them to last even longer.

This is a good thing! That means our products are full of life, wonderful therapeutic and beautiful properties that can perish if left long enough, not last for 5 years because they are full of crazy additives.

Thanks for visiting us! We hope you find your favorite blend or scent and it makes your day magical.