Sunshine Day

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Who doesn't need a little sunshine in their day? This happy and fun essential oil blend is grounding and calming all while putting a sunny smile on your face. Apply to wrists, Chest or neck when stressful or anxiousness arise. Ingredients: Vetiver, Orange, Lime, Bergamot oils. The inhaler version is custom blended when ordered and undiluted. It will last approximately 6-12 months. The other version of this blend is diluted with Organic Jojoba.

Strength of Aroma: Medium

Aroma Scent: Earthy and Citrus

Cautions: Bergamot oil can be a photosensitizing oil. We recommend you limit use if prolonged sun exposure or apply under clothing so as to not have an increased risk of sunburn.

This blend is designed for topical or aromatic use only. Do not ingest.

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